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In order to actively respond to the call of the country for accurate poverty alleviation, the Dahai Group actively undertakes and fulfills its social responsibilities, and plays a role as a model for advanced enterprises. It has specially established the “Dahai Public Welfare” project to help poor families with low income and low living allowances. Since November 2016, Dahai Solar has installed a total of 50KW photovoltaic power stations for free for 10 low-income families in Dongji Town. According to statistics, after the power grids were connected to the grid, the accumulated revenue in the past 25 years was 1.3 million yuan.
A piece of photovoltaic panel, the splicing of the difficult people's dream of poverty alleviation.
Through the precise poverty alleviation project of “Phosphoric Poverty Alleviation Project”, we will build a distributed photovoltaic power station for rural poor households, explore a new way to get rid of poverty and solve poverty, and realize the perfect combination of poverty alleviation and development, new energy utilization, energy conservation and emission reduction. The installation of distributed photovoltaic power plants has become an important way for households to increase their incomes. It is also an important measure to protect the ecological environment, transform rural energy use methods, and improve farmers' production and living conditions.
The photovoltaic poverty alleviation is not only in line with the strategy of poverty alleviation and poverty alleviation, but also in line with the strategy of clean and low-carbon energy development, opening up a new channel for poverty alleviation and illuminating the poverty alleviation road for poor households. Long-term stability and increase in PV poverty alleviation will turn the past "transfusion" into "hematopoietic", from "short-term assistance" to "long-term assistance", and increase the "hematopoietic" function of precise poverty alleviation. Beyond the public welfare dream, “there is Dahai Solar in the place where there is sunshine”. The Dahai Solar will continue to participate in various public welfare undertakings and public welfare activities, bringing more “sunshine income” to difficult families.