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Dahai Solar is a famous brand established by the Dahai Group in the renewable energy industry. The Dahai Solar includes the Dahai silicon wafers, the Dahai solar cells, the Dahai solar modules and the Dahai photovoltaic power plants.

Shandong Dahai Group was founded in 1988 and has more than 8,000 employees. It is a company that is dominated by circular economy industries such as“textile, new energy, new materials, international trade”, and is also a comprehensive large-scale enterprise group that operates across industries, regions and internationally.          

The company has been selected as one of the top 500 Chinese companies since 2012 and ranked 217th in 2018, ranking 63rd among the top 500 private enterprises in China. It has successively won the honorary titles of the national advanced foreign exchange earning enterprise, the advanced unit of China Quality Miles, the famous brand of private enterprises in China, the national integrity and law-abiding enterprise, the national corporate culture construction demonstration base, the Chinese well-known trademark and the famous brand products in China.

Dahai Solar offers the highest quality products:silicon wafers, solar modules and the other components required for photovoltaic power generation plants, 
Our PV module capacity is 1250MW, Solar cells 1000MW, Silicon wafers 3500MW (TOP 3 in China).   
Let’s have a look at each branch company of Dahai solar.

1.Silicon wafers factory: Shandong Dahai New Energy Development Co., LTD
Shandong Dahai New Energy Development CO., LTD. was registered and established on October 30, 2009. It is a limited liability company controlled and established by Shandong Dahai Group CO., LTD. with a registered capital of 1 billion yuan. The company currently has three independent silicon wafer production divisions, with a solar silicon wafer production( polycrystalline silicon wafers and monocrystalline silicon wafers) capacity of 3500 MW and an area of 50 hectares, which has formed a scale production effect. The main equipment of the company adopts relatively advanced and stable equipment at present, and introduces advanced photovoltaic production lines and production technologies from abroad such as GT solar of the United States, HCT of Switzerland, NTC of Japan, Hennecke of Germany, etc. Production equipment is an advanced configuration in the international industry. The various indexes of the solar silicon wafers produced by the company have reached or exceeded the national standards, laying a solid foundation for the company's strong development, and the market has great potential for development.
We supply high quality and low price silicon wafers and to Taiwan and India solar cell manufacturers all the year round, winning the unanimous praise of our customers.

2.Solar cells factory: We have long term cooperation with the famous solar cell manufacturers in China. They supply us solar cells based on Dahai A grade silicon wafers.

3. PV Module Factories : Laiwu Cleo Solar Power Co.,LTD. Dongying Dahai Colin Photoelectric Co., LTD.